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Al-Qalaf Marine Services

Al-Qalaf Marine is marked by the manufacture and design of fishing vessel maps, sophisticated boats, luxury yachts, and cruise boats, from fiberglass, iron, and HDPE reinforced plastic to the highest standards and specifications of quality, strength, and rigidity

  Periodic maintenance and mechanical repairs

Provides maintenance and repairs that meet the needs of customers around the clock by professional technical teams for the maintenance of engines, ships, yachts, boats, and marine bicycles.

The professional maintenance services available at Saham port and Qaryat port provide various solutions to customers on a large scale as follows:

  • Scrutinize each section of the vessel for maintenance work and inspect various parts thereof up to those underwater for durability and preservation.
  • The fastest service to reach the hunter in his place and provide all the required spare parts.
  • Changing Oil
  • Cleaning the fuel tanks, and cleaning the carburetor.
  • Air handling systems inside the engine.
  • Clean the dust, and change the damaged parts.
  • Installation of hydraulic steering.
  • Repair all types of vehicles.

  Electricity and wiring services

  • Air conditioning installation
  • Generator installation
  • Fish finner – Installation of GPS
  • Full lighting of the boat, bilge pumps, and water pumps
  • Select winch
  • Install Stereo & Speakers
  • Trim tabs
  • Installation of battery charger, full boat, wiring, and related electrical works
  • Annealing and fixation
  • Proactive lathe, recording
  • Multidimensional Drilling Machines
  • Polishing and grinding
  • Conventional Manufacturing Machinery

 Blacksmith services

  • Stairs
  • Arc pulpit
  • Fuel and water tanks
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper welding
  • Sun shades
  • Copper aluminum
  • Welding
  • Fiberglass Services:

 Fiber damage repair, maintenance, and improvement

  • Reinstatement of occasional boats.
  • Stretch in tributary brackets.
  • Adjusting an internal rafter to suit the panel motors.
  • Complete Boat Gel Paint.
  • Making molds for chairs, boxes, and floors.
  • Mechanical & Machinery Services:
  • Installation of external motors.
  • Engine service and repair.
  • Engine Overhaul.
  • Water tank, fuel tanks, bathrooms, stairs, and benches.
  • Identify the steering system. (Mechanical & Hydraulic)
  • Installation of the water maker.
  • Install other boat accessories.

 Hydraulic steering installation

  • Carpentry, ironworks, and utilities:
  • Stabilization of marine class wood.
  • Installation of offshore polymer boards.
  • Making ice boxes, chairs, and pillows.
  • The whole boat from the inside.
  • Recover all wood and varnish.

 All types of external motor services

  • Engine Diagnosis
  • Maintenance
  • Internal Engine Services
  • Diesel engine services
  • Jet Ski and ATV four-stroke bicycle services
  • Spare parts for all external and internal engines and diesel engines
  • Boat accessories
  • Installation of engine
  • Manufacture of boat wagons
  • Manufacture of boat umbrellas

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