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Manufacturing Services


 Luxury yachts and pleasure boats 

The company offers luxury marine yacht manufacturing services for those looking for a luxurious life and enjoying time with friends and family on high-quality cruises.

  Developed fishing boats

Al-Qalaf Marine Company seeks to manufacture fishing boats developed of iron, fiberglass, reinforced plastic, and aluminum and conform to the specifications of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in line with the advanced boat program launched by the Ministry within the framework of the development of the Omani fishing fleet, and to enable it to contribute to the optimal and sustainable exploitation of aquatic living resources on one hand, and to maintain the quality of fish products on the other, in an effort to raise the revenues of Omani fishermen and improve their working conditions and apply security and safety requirements on board of these advanced boats.


Fishing vessels are manufactured by Al-Qalaf Marine with high-quality specifications and equipped with modern fishing equipment to exploit the marine resources available in Omani waters and to redeploy the artisanal fleet on a large maritime scale outside the coastal strip, which is under high pressure by the current traditional fleet. The Goal of the Project: Raising the efficiency of the exploitation of marine resources. Expected outcomes.

 Other Manufacturing Services

Al-Qalaf Marine provides other manufacturing services in its workshops distributed according to high standards and specifications, solid and strong raw materials that meet the needs of the marine sector, fishermen, and workers in the marine sector.

 Floating sidewalks

Design and manufacture of floating sea berths that help provide a space capable of embracing ships and marine boats, which supports offshore activities in the fields of ship repair, dry docking, and other services.

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